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06 Jun: Connect Talent Engagement

We love COMMUNITY! It’s our first name. For the better part of our 20 year company history, we’ve used engagement marketing to support our friends and neighbors across the region. Our clients have asked us to strengthen mass media messages, educate targeted communities about system process changes and overcome barriers to participation. We’ve tactically used engagement to bring resources to communities through relevant communications, trusted message bearers and platforms to enhance message reception.

23 Jan: The Year In Review

As we approach the close of another year, we reflect on our valued relationships in communities across the region and how they continue to propel our success. The opportunities we’ve had to partner with various organizations have created an environment for deeper message engagement that helps to improve the quality of life for the communities served. Our three impact pillars: creating awareness, driving participation and changing behaviors for clients across the city, state and region continue to impact public health, municipal, environmental, energy and community initiatives. We continue to expand our community services and support and have gained new industry clients in infrastructure and transportation. Below are a few signature projects CMC supported in 2017.