Community Defined:

We’re all part of networks, groups of peers and neighbors or affinity groups that communicate and interact based on common interests and similarities or location and proximity.

You define the community and we invite them to be educated, engaged and enriched by your message.


cmc-social-networkProcess Defined:

We determine who the influencers are in the defined community or target audience and match their interest to an experience that resonates. This process is based on Sociographics, which are the characteristics that influence the way people receive and perceive messages. Sociographics focus on insights at the individual level, where we determine specific values, attitudes, friends, hobbies, passions , and influences that in turn define how your market behaves.





The CMC Process


  • Identify target audiences and communities
  • Identify influential people and opportunities
  • Identify existing advocates
  • Determine needs and values of the target audience
  • Map message delivery platforms to business results


  • Create experiences to activate and energize advocates and influencers and build relationships


  • Formalize message programs – in person and online
  • Integrate advocates into your business


  • Convert advocate actions into meaningful and actionable insights


Founded in 1995, Community Marketing Concepts (CMC), a minority and women owned family business is a marketing and communications agency focusing on connecting our clients’ messages to their targeted customers.
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