Digital communications platform that host all your online touch points in one place.  Built on data and a proven strategy and process. In this age of big data, there really is no reason to guess about how your target audiences will behave. You have access to search patterns, interactions with advertising, and conversations on social media to help you make informed, data driven decisions about how your customers ARE behaving – not how you think they’ll behave. can actually identify personal data, and then use it to inform user experiences in real-time.

Also, a data driven approach to marketing will often uncover new opportunities. By analyzing this data, you can form actionable plans that impact pricing, features, sales, customer service, and logistics



The World’s First Community Organizing System



Founded in 1995, Community Marketing Concepts (CMC), a minority and women owned family business is a marketing and communications agency focusing on connecting our clients’ messages to their targeted customers.
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