We are Engagement Specialists who influence communities to interact with campaigns, understand their meaning and act on their message.
We do what mass media can’t by helping organizations connect with audiences in a meaningful way through trusted members of the community.
We focus on the power influencers and advocates have on campaigns to strengthen them, improve brand perceptions/reputations and increase return on investment.


  • We creates behavior change through advocacy, outreach strategies, programs and communications.
  • We create transformative messages to penetrate hard-to-reach markets.
  • We identify and overcome barriers that prevent your message from being heard while tapping into motivators that spur action and change behavior.
  • We help companies invite the community to embrace their messages, campaigns, products, services or brands.
  • You define the community and we invite them to be: educated, engaged, enriched by your message.

Our custom communication and engagement tactics can include all or one service:

brand identity development
digital media planning
creative development
campaign design
outreach strategies
graphic design
social media
media planning
advertising design

brand activation
program management
trade shows/expos
gala events
polling public opinion
street marketing

Founded in 1995, Community Marketing Concepts (CMC), a minority and women owned family business is a marketing and communications agency focusing on connecting our clients’ messages to their targeted customers.
Philadelphia Office
  • 7300 City Avenue, Suite 330 Philadelphia, Pa 19151
  • (215) 871-0900
Delaware Office
  • 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200 Wilmington, DE 19801
  • (302) 456-9400